Jamboree Details

Dates: July 19 – July 28, 2023
ocation: Summit Bechtel Reserve,
Glen Jean, WV

Washington Crossing Council is assembling a Jamboree contingent to include Male Troops, Female Troops and Venturing Crews.

Each contingent unit consists of 36 youth from our Council and 4 adult leaders chosen by the Council selection committee.


Final pricing and details are subject to change once National BSA releases formal details for this event


Contingent fee: The cost is $2,615 per youth participant and $1,815 per approved adult leader and includes:

  • Jamboree event fee, as charged by Bechtel Summit
  • Pre-Jamboree team building weekend, shakedown campouts and Unit planning sessions
  • Jamboree gear including all Troop/Crew specific gear
  • Round trip charter bus transportation to/from the Summit Bechtel
  • 10 days at Jamboree including meals and campsite accommodations.
  • A dedicated team to plan, organize and facilitate our Jamboree trip and assist in a successful Jamboree experience for our scouts and crews

With Jambo normally happening only once every 4 years, chances are Scouts may have only one opportunity to attend a National Scout Jamboree.

To contact the committee, please email: jamboree@washingtoncrossingbsa.org.

It’s the most awesome event a Scout or Venturer could attend. It’s everything you can do in Scouting – and more – in one spot just for you … and about 30,000 of your friends from around the country and world! It’s 10 days of adventure and excitement that you won’t want to miss!!