Internet Rechartering

The BSA issues charters annually to community organizations to enable them to serve youth through Scouting programs under leadership they approve and meeting places they provide.  Charter renewal (commonly known as “rechartering”) is the annual process through which each organization certifies its adult members and youth members for a new year, and recommits itself to the Scouting program.

On-time unit charter renewal is critical, and in Washington Crossing Council, all units are due to submit paperwork and national member registration fees by December 6, 2019.  

If a unit fails to renew its charter before the expiration date, all youth advancement and adult recognition are suspended, Boys’ Life magazine subscriptions stop, and insurance coverage ceases.  So it is very important to complete the charter renewal process on time.

The NEW 2019 Unit ID can be found on the instructions page included in your packet. Attempts to process the Charter Renewal using last year’s ID will be unsuccessful. Should your Unit’s Charter Processor run into difficulty, please contact your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner, District Executive, or the Council Registrar. For technical questions, please contact Member Care Services at the National Office at 972-580-2489.

For PA UNITS ONLY – to be in compliance with PA-15, all adult volunteers are required to submit the required clearances. The Council’s preferred method for collecting clearances is through the Emailme Form portal. Instructions are available in your unit’s charter renewal packet. Any clearance not submitted via this portal, should be collected during the renewal process and included with the final recharter paperwork. Volunteers will not be registered for 2020 without this information.

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