Internet Rechartering

The BSA issues charters annually to community organizations to enable them to serve youth through Scouting programs under leadership they approve and meeting places they provide.  Charter renewal (commonly known as “rechartering”) is the annual process through which each organization certifies its adult members and youth members for a new year and recommits itself to the Scouting program.

On-time unit charter renewal is critical, and in Washington Crossing Council, all units are due to submit paperwork and member registration fees by November 15, 2022. Click HERE for the Recharter Timeline and steps.

Key points to a successful recharter:

  • If a unit fails to renew its charter before the expiration date, all youth advancement and adult recognition are suspended, Scout Life magazine subscriptions stop, and insurance coverage ceases.  it is very important to complete the charter renewal process on time.
  • Internet Rechartering may be accessed by the Unit Leader, Chartered Organization Rep, Committee Chairman or Key 3 Delegate through their My.Scouting Account or their Account. It is important that if a Key 3 Delegate will be updating their unit’s charter, the person needs to be registered as the Key 3 Delegate in the Position Manager section under the Organization Manager tab.
  • Membership applications for new unregistered youth that are included with the charter renewal application and turned in prior to December 31 will be used to register those youth for the remainder of the current charter year at the normal pro-rated fees and charged to the Unit Account if payment is not included with the charter fees.
  • Click HERE for the Local Council Service Fee Financial Assistance Application.
  • After your unit’s charter is validated you will proceed to the payment options page. We suggest you select the “Pay at Council” option. This will allow for adjustments to charter fees prior to posting if necessary. Payment can be made by unit check payable to WCC-BSA, credit card with a 3% convenience fee or unit account if funds are available. 

For PA UNITS ONLY – to be in compliance with PA-15, all adult volunteers are required to submit the required clearances. The Council’s preferred method for collecting clearances is through the Emailme Form portal. Instructions are available in your unit’s charter renewal packet. Any clearance not submitted via this portal, should be collected during the renewal process and included with the final recharter paperwork. Volunteers will not be registered for 2023 without this information.

Should your Unit’s Charter Processor run into difficulty, please contact your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner, or the Council Registrar.

  1. Unit Commissioner
  2. District Commissioner
    1. Hunterdon Arrowhead District: John Burgess
    2. Mercer Area District: Matt Freedman
    3. Tamanend District: George Stockburger V
    4. Tohickon District: Ray Hoskinson
  3. Council Registrar: Anna Marie Pepper
  4. Council Field staff
    1. Robert Behan, Senior District Executive
    2. Janet Boris, Senior District Executive