The 24th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) is unique in that it is being hosted by three North American Scout Associations instead of by a single one.  This is unique because it is a team effort by Scouts Canada, Asociación de Scouts de México, and the Boy Scouts of America. Our three countries are getting ready to welcome our Scouting friends as family to “Unlock a New World.”

The theme, Unlock a New World, invites you to unlock new adventures, new cultures, and new friendships. Because our jamboree is being hosted in North America, it will be defined by the cultures found in the “New World” countries of Mexico, Canada, and the USA. This jamboree will provide a different view on the Scouting movement. Holding fast to our traditions of conservation and being in the outdoors, a jamboree in the New World is a jamboree that embraces the growing trend of leadership development and global citizenship that our movement has cultivated.

How is a World Jamboree different than a National Jamboree?

The World Jamboree at the Summit will have all the adventure that the Summit brings. The WSJ will have features like the Global Development Village, which is an on-site module program, that tries to raise awareness of global issues such as peace, the environment, development, human rights and health among participants. Faith and belief areas will cover religion globally. Each country will have cultural exhibits. These will demonstrate their unique culture though displays, activities and food.

Leadership Teams for the World Jamboree

From a US perspective, there are two teams that will be leading the efforts for the Jamboree:

  • 2019 WSJ Host Team

    This team is responsible for the overall running of the WSJ and communicating to the 160+ country Scout Organizations that are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).  It is made up of top leadership of the three host country organizations: US; Canada and Mexico.

  • 2019 WSJ  BSA Contingent Team
    This team is responsible for the coordination of BSA participants (youth & leaders) from the United States.

Who Can Participate?

There are three ways to be a participant at the WSJ19

  • Youth Contingent Member (age 14-17) –  must be born between July 22, 2001 and July 21, 2005
  • Adult Contingent Leader (age 18+) – born before July 22, 2001
  • International Service Team (IST/Staff) (age 18+) – born before July 22, 2001

What is the Cost?

The Jamboree fee and transportation fees are still being determined. To make the event as affordable for everyone, there will be a regionalized fee structure based on travel and there will be no touring prior to or post World Jamboree.

How can I Participate?

Registration is open for participants and IST.

Stay Connected

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