World Friendship Fund

The World Friendship Fund was created during the closing days of World War II to help rebuild Scouting programs in countries wracked by war. Over the time since its inception, the Fund has helped Scouting programs throughout the world by providing Scouting literature, camping equipment, uniforms and program materials and other needed supplies. With the development and democratization of nations, the fund continues to help build/re-build Scouting in those countries.

Voluntary contributions by Scouts and Scouters are transformed into cooperative projects that help Scouting programs in those countries strengthen and extend their Scouting programs. The program also helps Scouts realize that Scouting is global and gives them an easy opportunity to help their fellow Scouts.

Any contribution, regardless of the amount helps with these programs. To help, look for World Friendship Fund collections at Scouting events, trainings and other activities or to send in a donation, forms are available for download.