2020 Summer Camp Fees

Camp fees at OSR include the materials required for our merit badge programs. Scouts do not pay extra for basketry kits, leather kits, clay, arrow kits, rifle and shotgun ammunition for merit badges. Camp fees also include programs such as mountain biking, ATV Rider Safety Course, and climbing.

Some of our programs are operated by outside vendors and carry a fee. They are CPR and Horsemanship.

Non-merit badge participants may purchase ammunition, craft kits, and more at our Trading Post.

Youth Fees

Tier 1 Pricing

Pay by 2/29/2020
$ 420 Per Camper
  • $55 Savings
  • Must Pay by 2/29/2020

Arrow of Light Crossovers

Pay by 5/31/2020
$ 420 Per Camper
  • Valid for 2020 AOL Crossover Scouts
  • Must Pay by 5/31/2020

Tier 2 Pricing

Pay by 4/30/2020
$ 440 Per Camper
  • $35 Savings

Regular Rate

Pay After 5/1/2019
$ 475 Per Camper
  • No Savings

Provisional Camper Program

Provisional camping allows Scouts to participate in OSR’s program when their troop isn’t at camp. This program is perfect for Scouts who can’t attend with their unit or for Scouts that wish to come to camp again.

First Stay in 2020

Fee Based on Registration Date
  • $420 if paid by 2/29/20
  • $440 if paid by 4/30/20
  • $475 if paid after 5/1/20

Second Stay in 2020

$ 385 Per Camper
  • Must be a second time attending OSR summer camp

Super Savings

Third Stay in 2020
$ 300 Per Camper
  • Must be a third time attending OSR summer camp

Adult Fees

Adult fees are based on the number of paid youth attending camp. Units (minimum of four Scouts) receive two free leader. Additional leaders above the number of free slots are $200 per week or $50 per day for partial weeks.