Provisional Camper Program

Provisional camping allows Scouts to participate in OSR’s program when their troop isn’t at camp. This program is perfect for Scouts who can’t attend with their unit or for Scouts that wish to come to camp again.

How do I register to attend? The first step is to talk to your parents about it and see what they say. Your completed application and the full fee must be mailed together. Make sure you check the week you wish to attend. Checks should be made out to WCC, BSA and Mailed to the Doylestown address on the application

Can other Scouts from my troop attend camp with me? Sure! Just make sure they are attending camp the same week you are. Scouts from the same troop will be housed together. If you gather 4 or more scouts and 2-3 leaders, sign up as a troop rather than provisional.

What merit badges can I take? Any badge on the list that you qualify for. Please note that there are prerequisites for some badges. Merit badge cards should be obtained from your Scoutmaster before you come to camp. Some merit badges have limited space such as Horsemanship. We cannot promise placement prior to arrival. Please check online after May 4th, 2019 for the merit badges which require early signup. Also, if you have additional questions, the Parent’s Guide, which is on the Ockanickon website, is a great resource.

Can I participate in Adventure Sports Activities at camp? Sure, as long as you meet the age requirements. Scouts who want to mountain bike, rock climb, and go on the C.O.P.E. High Course must be 13 years old. ATV is for 16 and older youth participants. All scouts can participate in the C.O.P.E. Low Course. To sign up for these activities just go to the Activities Board” outside the Dining Hall. There are morning and afternoon sessions of these activities every day. Also, some scouts may be limited from these activities for medical reasons.

Where will I be staying in camp? You will be staying with a troop that is attending camp that week. During the week you will be a member of that troop and under the care and direction of their adult leaders. If other Scouts from your troop are attending camp provisionally we will make every effort to place you all in the same campsite. These site assignments are made sometimes within days of your arrival at camp based on the overall camp attendance. We will do our best to let you know which troop in advance.

When do we depart from camp? Your week of camp will end at 10:00 AM on Saturday after the final flag ceremony in the grand parade field. Your parents should plan to pick you up at this time. Your parents are welcome to come to camp at 9:00 AM on Saturday and attend the closing ceremony.

How do I get my merit badge cards back? Merit badge cards should be acquired from and signed by your Scoutmaster before you come to camp. It is important to talk to your Scoutmaster about the badges you want to take; they must be approved. At the end of the week, our staff will give your merit badge cards to the Scoutmaster of the troop you are staying with. It will be your responsibility to make sure you get your cards back from that person.