Summer Camp Policies & Procedures

Sunday Arrival Process & Schedule

  • Each camper should have his or her temperature taken. Campers with a temperature of 101°F or above should wait for their temperature to drop before going to Ockanickon. Campers that arrive with a temperature of 101°F or above will be sent home.
  • Carpooling is a must! Please talk to your Scouts’ parents about sharing rides.
  • Troops must arrive before 4:00 to allow sufficient time to complete the check-in pro-cess before dinner. Earlier arrival is strongly encouraged.
  • Meet your Troop Guide at the Pine Grove near the front of the parking lot, if you can’t find them, please ask the nearest staff member for help. Once you meet your Troop Guide, he or she will take you to your campsite and get you started on the check-in process.
  • Only one vehicle per troop may enter the main camp area at a time. Pack all troop gear and any large personal gear into this vehicle and have your troop members carry any remaining gear to the site as directed by your Troop Guide.

Send one leader to the camp office with a new roster (if any changes were made), a troop headcount (include separate youth and adult numbers), a troop check (if any money is owed), a copy of your Tour and Activity Plan (just print it off after you complete it online), and copies of all required background checks and clearances.

Please leave medical forms in your campsite with the Site Manager.

  • A staff member will be waiting at your campsite to begin your medical rechecks.
  • Please provide your Medical Forms to the staff member, and please be sure to complete this step before setting up the site or picking tents. It is a priority in order to keep the rest of check-in running smoothly.
  • The Med-Check Staff member will see each camper to verify the key areas of the medical form and check-in any medications.
  • The Scouts’ temperatures will also be taken and Scouts with a temperature 101°F or more will be sent home but can return when the temperature returns to normal.
  • Once your troop is ready to go (in swimsuits if swim tests are required), your Troop Guide will take you on a tour around camp, stopping at different stations.
  • Units will receive a basic shooting sports safety orientation. All participants who receive this orientation may attend any open shoot unless otherwise restricted.
  • All scouts will visit the pool for an orientation. Swim checks will be given after the orientation. If your troop has pre-tested, you will continue on your tour.
  • Visit the Dining Hall for a quick orientation about how meals work in the Dining Hall.
  • Troop Photos can be taken on the grassy area next to the Dining Hall after these three stations have been completed (photographers are available 2pm—6pm)
  • Sign up for CPR or Horsemanship at the Camp Office.
  • Sign up for badges or activities with no fee (Sailing, Cooking, Chemistry, ATV, Robotics, Photography, Space Exploration, COPE Crew, Climbing Crew, Endurance Crew, Automotive Maintenance, Woodwork, Home Repair, Plumbing, Digital Technology, Graphic Arts, Animation) at the bulletin board by the dining hall
  • The unit will return to the campsite and finish setting up camp.
  • Dinner is held in the campsite, each troop will have to go to the Dining Hall to pick up their food.
  • Results for activity lotteries will be posted on the bulletin board by 6:30 PM.
  • Brief program changes and details from Area Directors
  • Emergency procedure and emergency drill information
  • Sign-ups for troop activities and final Dan Beard counts
  • Question and Answer time with Camp Administration and Area Directors

Scouts Own Vespers Service at Camp Chapel

Flag Ceremony at Old Parade Field

Departing Summer Camp

Sooner or later everyone has to go home. Please instruct the parents of your Scouts that we will be holding a camp-wide flag ceremony at the Grand Parade Field at 9:30 AM on Saturday. All parents are invited to attend. After the awards are given out, everyone is dismissed at approximately 10:00 AM. Camp officially closes after the final ceremony.

Your unit’s medications may be picked up from the Health Lodge between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM after your Scouts have taken morning medications. Your unit’s medical forms may not be returned. Please make copies of them before you arrive at camp.