Emergency Procedures

The camp emergency signal is a set of tones which can be heard throughout the camp. The following is a list of situations under which the signal may be sounded:

  • Emergency Drill (once a week)
  • Fire
  • Severe Storms
  • Lost Bather
  • Lost Camper
  • Serious Accident
  • General Emergencies
General Emergency Tones

The emergency signal is used for emergency drills and emergencies only. If this signal sounds follow these procedures:

  • Remain in or go to your campsite under the leadership of your Scoutmaster. All staff members will report to the Camp Office under the leadership of the Camp Administration. This will avoid confusion. Unit Leaders should begin a head count and identify any missing scouts.
  • If already in your campsite, remain there. If instructed, units from the following campsites are to report to the following buildings:
    • Go to Foster Hall if you are in the following campsites:
      • Mohawk, Lenape, Campways, Ajapeu, Neshaminy, Tohickon, Quabosco, Algonquin
    • Go to Palmer Lodge B if you are in the following campsites:
      • Tamanend, Bischewi, Ottawa, Seneca
    • Go to Memorial Lodge if you are in the following campsites:
      • Comanche, Tamanend, Hopi
  • A camp staff member will report to your site or location to offer aid and/or instruction.

Additional Camp Procedures

A. If it is in your site, report it to the Camp Office immediately.

B. Use fire extinguisher to control if possible.

C. Evacuate Scouts to your assigned emergency area.

D. If the fire is elsewhere in camp remain in or go to your campsite.

A. Information will be given by staff members to all units as soon as received.

B. In case of storm – Scouts and leaders will be notified to report to their assigned emergency area.

C. If on a hike or unable to get to your area, seek shelter away from large trees or hill tops. If no shelter is found, lay in depressions in the ground if possible.

D. All aquatics areas are closed and off limits during storms. These areas remain closed 20 minutes after storm has passed.

A. Report situation to Camp Administration as soon as possible.

B. Camp Administration will take over and give details as needed.

A. Upon signal (set of tones) all campers should report to their campsites, all staff should report to the Camp Office.

B. Unit Leaders should take a head count and search campsite for any missing Scouts. Stay in campsite until all clear signal is given.

C. All available staff should report to the Aquatics Director for further instructions.

A. Report suspected cases of child abuse to the Camp Administration immediately.

B. The Camp Director will report the incident to the Scout Executive for further action.

A. Hiking in high temperatures is not recommended.

B. Report any heat related illness to the Health Officer as soon as possible.

A. Contact the Camp Administration.

B. Safety Data Sheets on all hazardous materials in the camp are located in the Camp Office. Use these sheets for specific information related to the problem.

C. Employees may not use chemicals without S.D.S. training.

Any restrictions will be announced as needed.

A. Any camper or staff member who identifies or is concerned about a possible unauthorized visitor should report it to the Camp Administration as soon as possible.

B. If it is determined to be necessary the Camp Administration will sound the siren, all campers will return to their campsites, all staff will report to the Camp Office.

C. Further instructions will be issued by the Camp Administration as needed.

D. The Camp Director or designee will contact the State Police if necessary.