Campsite Assignments

Units may indicate three choices of a campsite in order of preference. Medical needs will be given the highest priority. Site assignments will be made based on attendance and campsite capacity. You will be contacted with your placement TWO weeks prior to arrival at camp. Most troops will share a site with at least one other unit.

* Please be aware that all assignments are subject to change at the discretion of the Camp Director *

Electricity is only available for medical reasons
CampsiteCapacity# of AdirondacksLocation on PropertyElectricity Availability
Ajapeu667Lake SideNo
Algonquin383Pool SideYes
Bischewi605Lake SideNo
Campways620Lake SideNo
Comanche846Pool SideYes
Hopi262Pool SideYes
Lenape580Lake SideNo
Mohawk580Lake SideNo
Neshaminy360Lake SideYes
Ottawa507Pool SideYes
Quabosco745Pool SideYes
Seneca581Pool SideNo
Shagbark484Pool SideYes
Tamanend323Pool SideYes
Tohickon480Pool SideNo