Camp Financial Assistance

Washington Crossing Council, BSA offers a limited number of Camperships for Scouts in need of assistance covering their cost to attend summer resident camp with their Troop or Crew.

Camperships are for Scouts in families who are in financially difficult situations. You do not need to be receiving government assistance to apply for financial assistance.


Forms must be complete and correct to be considered. All others will be mailed back, to be completed or corrected. Approved or denied camperships will be notified in writing to the Unit Leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in need of assistance, talk to your Scout’s leader and work with them to fill out the Campership form. The form will require your family and the unit to work together to cover part of the Scout’s cost to attend camp. The unit amount might include things such as fundraiser amounts or funds from an account the unit keeps to help youth get to camp. The unit amount will go on a required line of the form. That line cannot be left blank or filled with a zero. The family line is also required which means it cannot be left blank or filled with a zero. The Campership is a cooperative effort between the unit, the family, and Washington Crossing Council to get your Scout to summer camp. If either the family or the unit required amounts are not filled in properly, the form will be mailed back.

This is part of the form you should fill out with your unit leader. Also, at the bottom of the first page, there is a section asking for the unit leader’s contact information. Have him or her fill that out (don’t forget the zip code). That is the address where the final letter and further instructions will be sent, so it is important it is complete and correct.

There are a few variables involved in this process making it very difficult to tell you the exact amount of time this will take.

1. When you mailed your form – The forms are reviewed usually once between February 1st and March, then again shortly after the April 1st deadline.

2. Is your form complete – If your form is not complete, it will be mailed back to the leader whose address you listed at the bottom of the first page to assist you in completing it. Check and double check the completeness of the form before you mail it. Ask for help if you are unsure. Do not leave items blank.

3. The Volunteer Committee – After your forms are checked for completeness, they are filed until such time as the volunteer committee in charge of the Campership fund is able to meet.

4. Timing – Almost all of our camps and spring programs are involved in registrations and payments during the end of winter into the spring and summer months. This generates a lot of phone calls, emails, and mail which are fielded by a couple of office staff as quickly as possible. With this in mind, be aware that it may take a week before your Campership forms are processed and either filed or mailed back depending on their completeness. To check on the status of your forms, please wait at least a week and a half after you have mailed the forms, designate a single person either from your troop leadership or your family and please try to call later in the day.