Ordeal Candidate Information

(Updated 1/30/20)

Congratulations!  Your election to the Order of the Arrow is a significant achievement.  Your fellow Scouts recognized in you the highest ideals of Scouting, and have recommended you to become a member of the Order of the Arrow (OA), Scouting’s National Honor Society.

On this page, you’ll find information about the next step you’ll take to become a member of the OA: the Ordeal Weekend. Throughout the remainder of this page, Scouts that have been elected for membership (or Scouters that have been nominated for membership and their nomination approved by the Lodge Adult Selection Committee) in the Order of the Arrow but have not yet completed the Ordeal weekend are referred to as Ordeal candidates. Once you complete the Ordeal, you are a full member and are referred to as a Brother.

Additionally, the lodge has a packet of information that goes into greater detail on the Ordeal activities.  You can download it at this link: Ajapeu Lodge 2, Order of the Arrow Candidate Packet

General Information

To become a member of the Order of the Arrow, Ordeal candidates must complete an Ordeal weekend.  Ajapeu Lodge 2 offers three opportunities, one each in April, May and August to give you flexibility in accommodating your schedule.  Ordeal candidates must attend and complete one of these Ordeal weekends in the year of their election. If you do not attend any of these Ordeal weekends, your candidacy will expire and you will have to fulfill the eligibility requirements and be elected again at a future election.

All weekends are held at Ockanickon Scout Reservation (5787 State Park Road, Pipersville PA 18947).  Check-in will be held between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM in the Manny Marks Pavilion adjacent to the parking lot at Ockanickon Scout Reservation, and will be conducted by your home district or chapter.  

Note: A chapter is the OA term for a district.  If your unit belongs to the Mercer Area District, you are in the Sanhican Chapter.  If your unit belongs to the Hunterdon Arrowhead District, you belong to Pahaquarra Chapter.  If your unit belongs to the Tohickon District, you belong to the Tohickon Chapter.  If your unit belongs to the Tamanend District, you belong to the Tukwsit Chapter.  If you are unsure what district you belong to, please check with your unit leader.


The Ordeal weekend begins on Friday night with a light dinner in Foster Dining Hall at 6:30PM.  Parents of the candidates are encouraged to attend the dinner as we will provide some basic information about the OA and Ajapeu Lodge 2 and answer any questions you may have. Siblings of the candidates are also welcome. 

The Saturday program includes completion of the symbolic tests of the Ordeal in the morning, new member meetings and games and activities in the afternoon to help the candidates get to know the other members of our Lodge and a big banquet meal for dinner. We close out Saturday night with a fun fellowship activity (like a movie, or games) and cracker barrel (our name for snack time).  Sunday morning begins with a continental breakfast and cleanup of our camp areas and wraps up with important Chapter meetings and a lodge business meeting, where updates are provided to the lodge membership.


Registration for Ordeal Weekends is on a first-come, first served basis.  Ordeal candidates may register at any time to complete their Ordeal at a weekend convenient to their schedules.  

Please note:

  1. Please register early to make sure you can attend your desired Ordeal weekend. To ensure that each candidate has a meaningful and memorable experience, we have a limit on the number of candidates for each weekend.  
  2. Registrations will not be accepted after the published closure dates for any of the Ordeal weekends without exception. We have to make a lot of preparations for our candidates, so we have to have a firm roster at least 1 week before the event.
  3. Ordeal registration is online only.  If you are unable to register online, contact the event organizer listed on the registration page. The links to each weekend registration is below:

April Ordeal Weekend Registration 
May Ordeal Weekend Registration 
August Ordeal Weekend Registration 

During the course of registration, you will be asked if you would like to register additional attendees for the dinner.  The cost for guests attending the dinner is $5 per person.  Note that for Ordeal candidates, the dinner fee is included in the candidate’s registration — the fee only applies to those that want to join us for dinner on Friday night.

For all registration questions, please contact Lodge Adviser Pete Liptrot.

What to Bring

Ordeal candidates need to pack two packs.  The first pack will contain everything you will need for Friday night, and should contain only the following:

  • Signed Annual BSA Health and Medical Record Parts A & B (Must be presented at check-in to participate)
  • Medication – (present to medical staff at check-in)
  • Sleeping bag and ground cloth or ground pad
  • Tarp big enough to wrap around you
  • Flashlight
  • Filled Canteen or Water Bottle
  • Rain Gear (if needed)

The second pack should contain other items needed for a weekend camping trip, including:

  • BSA Field Uniform (commonly referred to as your “Class A” Uniform)
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Small notepad and pen/pencil (for meetings on Sunday morning)
  • Cell phone (if desired – it will not be accessible until Saturday night)

Please do not arrive to camp in your BSA Field Uniform.  You will not need it for Friday night’s activities.

Please do not bring: Food, snacks, or soda, other electronics, BSA prohibited items