The Role of the Unit Leader

You have the job to guide the Life Scout to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout – when the Scout chooses to do so. Your experience can help the Life Scout identify the resources needed to get through the Eagle Scout advancement requirements. If your unit has a Unit Eagle Mentor/Advisor/Coach, that person should assist in the process.

Although you are key to the process, you are not doing this alone. The partnership between you and the unit committee chairperson is crucial.

  1. Know which Scouts have attained the rank of Life Scout.
  2. Talk with your Life Scouts. If the Scout has any confusion or misunderstanding about the rank of Eagle Scout, help clarify. Then, when a Life Scout chooses to advance, guide the Scout through the process.
  3. Review the requirements with the Scout. Encourage the Scout to seek a Position of Responsibility opportunity as outlined in the Eagle Scout rank requirements. Monitor and guide the Scout in fulfilling the leadership requirements. Ensure the Scout is aware of any remaining merit badges or criteria required to meet the leadership requirements. Note, this requirement can be met anytime between obtaining the rank of Life Scout and the Eagle Scout Application submission.
  4. When the Scout is ready, discuss their Eagle Scout Project with them.
  5. Recommend the Scout attend a Council or District Life to Eagle seminar, when available. Attend as well, if possible, to help provide continuity through the process. This is not required for the Scout, but it is highly recommended.
  6. Encourage the Scout to discuss their project ideas with the benefiting organization. When the benefiting organization agrees with the proposal, direct the Scout to prepare their written Project Proposal using the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.
  7. Have the Scout share the proposal with you and the committee for feedback. Encourage a positive attitude as they adjust the proposal from the feedback received. Remind the Scout that the process is interactive between you, the unit committee, and the benefiting organization.
  8. When you and the unit committee approve, sign the proposal.
  9. Have the Scout obtain an approval signature from the benefiting organization.
  10. The Eagle Scout Project Proposal must now be approved by the District, consistent with the appropriate Council protocol. After the District has approved the project proposal, encourage the Scout to complete their detailed plan utilizing the Eagle Scout Service Project Plan section of their workbook. This includes completing the Fundraising Application, if required. The Project Coach, if one has been designated, can assist with these steps.
  11. Once the Scout completes their project, direct them to complete the Eagle Scout Service Project Report, the last section of the workbook, and obtain all of the necessary signatures.
  12. Review the requirements on the Eagle Scout Application. If all SIX requirements have been completed, sign the application. Direct the Scout to seek the approval of the unit committee chair, then forward the application to the Council Service Center using the approved protocol.