The Role of the Life Scout

Congratulations on earning the rank of Life Scout! We know you had some fun and you faced some challenges in the process. This page will summarize the steps you need to take from the rank of Life Scout to Eagle Scout.

  1. If you want to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, please read the Steps in the Life to Eagle Process.
  2. Communicate your desire to earn the rank of Eagle Scout with your unit leader. Your leader will provide recommendations and help guide you through the process.
  3. Complete the requirements in your Scout Handbook. One of the requirements is to complete your Eagle Scout Service Project. A copy of the workbook can be found here – Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. You should read this workbook before you continue.
  4. After completing Step 3, you will fill out an Eagle Scout Rank Application. For tips on completing the application, please review the Council Eagle Scout Application Process.