The Role of the Benefiting Organization

In representing the organization that is benefiting from the Eagle Scout Service Project, you play an important role. The Scout works and communicates with you to develop the Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal. In your role, you should be clear about the key aspects of the proposal generated by the Scout; so that the scope and timing of the project, as well as funding, are understood by both of you. Your mutual collaboration will set clear expectations for what is to be done and on what timeline. The goal is to eliminate any misunderstanding. For more guidance, please read and understand the Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project. 

After the Scout completes the project, the Scout will ask you to sign off on the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. This is a leadership project that has planning, development, and leadership as key components. Projects that have already been thoroughly planned and only need a “pair of hands” to execute are not considered to have met these requirements.

There may be a delay in the start of the project as the Scout needs to review and secure approval so that the work is done in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Scout’s unit leader or the District Advancement Chair.