Steps In the Life to Eagle Process

Steps for when a registered youth member ( Scout, Sea Scout or Venturer) decides to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. If the Scout has questions, they should consult their unit leader.

Once a meeting has been held with their unit leader, the Scout begins working on the Eagle rank requirements (in any order). They must use the official BSA requirements. Click to review the Eagle Scout Rank Application .

Washington Crossing Council has prepared a document to assist in the completion of the application. Click to review the Washington Crossing Council Eagle Scout Application Process .

There is a recommended order in getting approvals for the Eagle Scout Project Proposal, however, there is not a required one. The proposal must be approved at all levels before the Scout begins working on the project. 

Fundraising is permitted only for securing materials, etc., and otherwise facilitating a project.  Unless the effort involves contributions ONLY from the project beneficiary, the candidate, the candidate’s parents or relatives, unit or its chartered organization, unit’s parents or members, a Fundraising Application MUST be submitted and approved before any fundraising activity takes place. DO NOT submit The Fundraising Application to the Council Service Center until the project proposal has been approved by the District Representative and specific instructions have been supplied to the Scout. The Fundraising Application can be found in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, located after the Project Plan.  In Washington Crossing Council there are no dollar amount thresholds for when a Fundraising Application is not required. Therefore, unless the proposed fundraising methods, for any dollar value, is from the above stated sources, then a Fundraising Application must be submitted and approved before any fundraising or solicitation activities may begin.  This requirement applies to ALL types of fundraising activity.

The Eagle Scout Rank has seven requirements, three require significant time.
  • Hold an accepted Position(s) of Responsibility for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Complete 21 merit badges which include the 14 required Merit Badges.
  • Choose and complete an Eagle Scout Service Project by working with a benefiting organization. All Eagle Candidates must get the project approved through the Eagle Scout Project Proposal, complete the project, and complete the Eagle Scout Project Report.

Please note: All Eagle Scout candidates MUST use the latest version of the Eagle Scout workbook. You can download a copy here: Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

*Remember: Do not begin any work on your project, or raise any money, or obtain any materials, until your project proposal has been completely approved.

Steps for the Scout
  1. Choose an Eagle Scout project in consultation with your unit leader and the benefiting organization. Sometimes an adult in your unit has been designated to provide support for Eagle Scout projects.
  2. Complete the Eagle Scout Project Proposal for the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.
  3. The Scout shall sign the proposal first, then obtain the required signatures on the project proposal – the benefiting organization, the unit leader, and the unit committee.
  4. Contact your District Advancement Chair to submit the approved copy of your project proposal. The advancement chair will review, and if something is missing or incomplete they will suggest corrections. If corrections are needed, you can make the changes and then resubmit.
  5. It is highly recommended that you complete the Eagle Scout Project Plan. This will help guide you through the project phase.
  6. If applicable, submit your Eagle Scout Project Fundraising Application to the Council Service Center for approval. You can find a copy in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. A fundraising application must be submitted for any and all fundraising projects, including crowdfunding, car washes, requesting donations or discounts from stores, etc. Projects must be approved prior to beginning any fundraising. You can submit your fundraising application electronically to It can also be mailed or delivered to the Council Service Center.
  7. The beneficiary of your project should be aware of your work plans and schedule as you work on your project.
  8. Write-up your final report in the Eagle Scout Service Project Report section of the workbook. Use your notes from your log book to help you write the report. It is recommended that someone proof read your report prior to submitting.
  9. Once you’ve completed Step 8, you can request the persons listed as references in Requirement 2 on the Eagle Scout Application to complete a letter of reference, or fill in the Character Reference & Profile Form. In addition, you should provide the information to whom and where to send in the completed references in accordance with your unit procedures.
  10. Complete and sign the Eagle Scout Application, assemble all of your documents, and obtain the required signatures from your unit.
  11. Submit the Eagle Scout Application, including the contact information page from the workbook, to the Washington Crossing Council Service Center for verification. You can scan and email the application to, or drop off or mail the paperwork.
  12. Once your paperwork has been verified, the Council will electronically send the Eagle Scout Application to the District Advancement Chair for your district, and a copy will be sent to your unit Advancement Coordinator. Your Eagle Board of Review will be scheduled.
  13. After your Board of Review, the District Advancement representative will return the Eagle Scout Application and the contact information page to the Washington Crossing Council Service Center to be signed by the Scout Executive and processed.
  14. Once the Council Service Center receives the Eagle Scout credentials for the Scout from the National Office, we will contact your unit to pick up the materials.