Greetings Adult WCC Volunteers! 

WCC is offering 2 BSA Chain Saw Safety Training courses for Fall 2019.  Upon successful completion of the course you will be approved to operate a chain saw in camp at the specific direction of our Ranger.  We have several fall Camp Builder chain saw days planned & compliance with BSA Chain Saw Safety Training is required to participate in chain saw work days. 

  • These are 2 individual 1 day courses.  You do not need to attend both days.
  • Course attendees must be 18+ years of age and registered with Washington Crossing Council as of the date of the course.
  • The cost for the course is $10 and covers the cost of lunch and consumable supplies. Lunch is included (it will likely be pizza).  If you have special dietary needs please bring your own lunch and we will provide space in a refrigerator and microwave for re-heating.
  • If you have your own saw & safety equipment please bring them with you.  If not, you can use Council’s saws and safety equipment, however you may need to share with other course attendees.
  • Full length work pants, a long sleeve shirt, work boots, and a copy of your current BSA Medical form part A and B are required.
  • Link to BSA Medical A&B –
  • For more information on  BSA Chain Saw Safety Training –
  • Questions:  Contact