The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is committed first and foremost to keeping youth safe. Part of that commitment includes continually updating our youth protection policies to help ensure we are always on the forefront of youth safety.

As you know, one of the BSA’s many barriers to abuse is a mandatory criminal background check during the adult volunteer application process. The BSA will now also perform periodic rechecks of criminal backgrounds to support the continued safety of youth in our programs.

Please ask your leaders to complete the process listed below to help us continue to provide the safest environment possible for our Scouts and Leaders.

Note – these steps must be completed before your 2020 annual renewal registration can be processed.

  1. Review the disclosure document “Background Check Disclosure”.
  2. Review the “Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization”, complete and sign the Authorization Form. Note:  A printed signature is required for this document.  Electronic signatures will not be accepted.  Please print clearly.
  3. Turn in the signed “Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization” form with your recharter paperwork.
  4. Copies of these forms are included for you to pass on to your Unit Leaders. Additional forms are available to the Council Website (Volunteer Resources – Rechartering) or at the Council Office.


Volunteers who choose to decline the background check or if they do not complete the Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form and  turn in with the unit’s recharter paperwork or Council Office, their 2020 annual registration will not be processed.

We are truly grateful for your continued commitment to keeping youth safe and for helping them learn, grow, and thrive through Scouting programs.

10/2/19 amp