2019 Good Citizenship Award

Home 2019 Good Citizenship Award Nominations Download Nomination Form The Youth Work Foundation of The Union League of Philadelphia is celebrating 73 years in 2019. One of the roles of the Youth Work Foundation is the annual Union League Good Citizenship Award. The Youth Work program began in 1946 to recognize and reward good citizenship … https://bsawcc.org/2019-good-citizenship-award/

Winter Activity Safety Moment

Home Winter Activity Safety Moment Download SUMMARY There is magic to camping in winter. It is one of the most challenging outdoor adventures. However, potentially extreme weather conditions, cold temperatures, and unique hazards associated with outdoor winter activities require careful planning to ensure safety. GENERAL INFORMATION Eating the right type of food when camping or … https://bsawcc.org/winter-activity-safety-moment/

An Important Message from our Scout Executive

Home An Important Message from our Scout Executive As we learn more about the financial discussions underway at our national organization, it’s vitally important to be reminded that Scouting in the Washington Crossing Council is as strong financially and programmatically today as it’s been in many years. Our council is a separate non-profit corporation based … https://bsawcc.org/an-important-message-from-our-scout-executive/

Holiday Giving Tree

Home Holiday Giving Tree The Washington Crossing Council Scout Shop is providing an opportunity for the Scouting community to help local Scout members who may be in need of uniforms and uniform items. This help will be done through The Holiday Giving Tree program starting November 17 through December 20, 2018. The Holiday Giving Tree … https://bsawcc.org/holiday-giving-tree/

Implementation Details for Females Entering Scouts BSA

Home Implementation Details for Females Entering Scouts BSA Details on the Eagle Scout Award Process On February 1, 2019, the Boy Scouts of America will begin admitting girls into Scouts BSA (formerly the Boy Scout program).  One of the characteristics of Scouting—for over a hundred years—is that no matter when you join, however long you … https://bsawcc.org/implementation-details-for-females-entering-scouts-bsa/

Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs

Home Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs Additional FAQ’s: General Health and Safety,  Annual Health and Medical Record, Shooting Sports program, Family Scouting Information Adult Supervision Q:  The Barriers to Abuse say that there must be two registered adults present for all Scouting activities and meetings.  Does that include merit badge counseling? Fund-raising events? A. … https://bsawcc.org/youth-protection-and-barriers-to-abuse-faqs/

Handbook Giveaway

Home Handbook Giveaway for New Members The SCOUT ME IN fall recruitment campaign is a concerted recruiting effort by the Council and District Membership committees, taking place in September and October in all school systems – private, public, and parochial. Evenings are designated by Cub Scout Packs for all parents to gather at a SCOUT … https://bsawcc.org/handbook-giveaway/

Announcing our Unit Program Planning Guide

Home 2018-2019 Unit Program Planning Guide Through the generous support of local Program Partners and Family Friends of Scouting contributions, we are excited to release our first ever comprehensive Unit Program Planning Guide. WIthin the guide, you will find our 2018-2019 Council Calendar, upcoming events and announcements, as well as program specific worksheets to help … https://bsawcc.org/announcing-our-unit-program-planning-guide/

Scouter Code of Conduct

Home Scouter Code of Conduct Think of it as a checklist of expectations for adult conduct in the Scouting program. At Scouting meetings and events, these are your rules to live by. The Scouter Code of Conduct, available here as a PDF and included at the end of this post, outlines 10 standards for adult leader behavior. The code is aimed at keeping young people … https://bsawcc.org/scouter-code-of-conduct/