2023 & 2024 WCC Scouting Calendar

The calendar of events for the Washington Crossing Council is now available. This calendar covers all of 2023 and 2024. The easiest way to use the calendar is to view it online, and some direct links to various different viewing options are available at the end of this article. 

The council recognizes that not having a calendar readily available during the last year created some unnecessary challenges for many in the WCC family. Going forward, keeping this document current will be a high priority. In the future, the council will seek feedback about what the best time of year will be to release updates (beginning of the year, spring, etc). However, the immediate task was being able to share the next two years.

Ability to Filter

There’s a lot on this calendar! To help Scouters find events and activities that are of the greatest interest to them, various “filters” can be applied. For instance, it’s possible to only see activities that are relevant to Cub Scout packs. It’s also possible to only view training opportunities or events for a particular district. Scouters can apply whatever “filters” they’d like to view a calendar that best suits their needs. However, links for a few commonly-used filtered calendar views are also included below. 

Event Promotion and Registration

The council will be moving toward a cadence where all program events will be promoted at least 90 days before they occur and registration will become active 60 days before. (Summer camp programs will follow a different timeline with some details and registration available earlier. Registration for Cub Scout Shooting Sports Sundays will become available at the beginning of each month.)