2019 Good Citizenship Award Nominations

The Youth Work Foundation of The Union League of Philadelphia is celebrating 73 years in 2019. One of the roles of the Youth Work Foundation is the annual Union League Good Citizenship Award. The Youth Work program began in 1946 to recognize and reward good citizenship and encourage young people to become active and informed citizen leaders. Every year since 1946, nearly 300 students gather for the day to meet each other, listen to interesting speakers and debate important issues about the rights and responsibilities of being a good citizen of the United States. Washington Crossing Council has been a long-standing agency partner with The Union League, and we look forward to a strong group of nominees to attend the Good Citizen Day on May 1, 2019. We ask that you consider nominating a youth member in your unit for the 2019 Good Citizenship Award.

The ideal candidate for the Good Citizenship Award:
  • is a junior in high school (requirement)
  • is a citizen of the United States (requirement)
  • demonstrates hard work and fair play
  • is a registered member of Washington Crossing Council (requirement)
  • has personal attributes of honesty, courage, tolerance, curiosity, and loyalty
  • endeavors to follow and uphold the principles of American patriotism
To receive the Good Citizenship Award nominees are required to attend Good Citizen Day on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The morning provides breakfast and icebreakers for students and will feature activities to explore, learn, and discuss the U.S. Constitution, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. After lunch at the Union League, the afternoon will be spent off-site at Philadelphia’s City Hall, to delve further into parts of the United States Government and the incorporation of these into our local operations. An awards banquet will be held back at the Union League, and the day will end at 8:30 pm.
Instructions for paperwork:
  • The Nominator Form (page 2) is to be completed by the person who is nominating the student.
  • Students are to complete the nominee form (Pages 3 & 4) and return to their Nominator.
All nominations MUST BE submitted back to the council office to Tyler Yankey at Tyler.Yankey@scouting.org or sent via mail to the Council Office by Friday, February 1, 2019. Nominations submitted after this date will not be considered. Representatives from Washington Crossing Council will select SIX nominees to represent the Council at the Good Citizen Day on May 1, 2019. DO NOT SEND NOMINATIONS TO THE UNION LEAGUE OF PHILADELPHIA.